Sue Harvey, Adam Sutton, and Suzanne York

"The Choice to Change: Using Clarity, Courage, and

Conviction to Create Change in Yourself and Your Organization"

Change isn’t delivered in a single bolt of lightning, but though countless small choices.

Understanding how to create and sustain change through these choices as individuals empowers us to lead organizational change with integrity and authenticity.

Using stories, examples, and interactive exercises, this session will deepen participants’ sense of themselves as agents of change, and equip them with tools and experiences to develop clarity, courage, and conviction around their next organizational or personal change.

During this presentation, you will discover:

  • Understanding of how personal readiness for change supports successful leadership of organizational change
  • Specific examples of "moments of truth" where change happens or doesn’t
  • Ways to identify moments to choose between change and stasis
  • Connection with other participants to create shared accountability
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About Sue Harvey


New Direction Strategy

Sue Harvey works with leaders and team to unlock their creativity and innate wisdom of leaders and their teams and deliver meaningful, lasting change.

In partnership with the organization and leaders, she creates clarity of vision; connection and engagement with stakeholders; and awareness of needed course corrections as they arise.

Sue's work combines system-level thinking, an empathetic and diplomatic approach, a gift for storytelling, and strategic planning expertise, all honed over two decades leading change in business, non-profit, and political organizations.

About Adam Sutton


Working Happier

Coach, trainer, inspirational speaker, and consulting partner to individuals and organizations of all sizes and shapes for more than 25 years, Adam Sutton is more passionate than ever about helping people aspire higher and become the very best they can be.

He believes that energized and empowered people, working on purpose and with passion, co-create a better world every day - and seeks to help provide a catalytic spark or two to light the way!

At Working Happier, Adam leads a team of like-minded, positive professionals with deep expertise in all phases of employee and organizational development, who bring a mindful, grounded presence to the work, and a core belief in the greater good.

About Suzanne York

Founder and Principal

Humans Optimized, LLC

Suzanne York is a seasoned change management practitioner who will establish the right strategy and plan to help your organization evolve and succeed through periods of transformation.

She views teams as a critical unit of change and have accelerated team performance through structured coaching engagements.

Suzanne's background includes 20 years of experience driving large-scale change in Fortune 500 companies, including technology, process and culture initiatives.

Her experience also includes working in a variety of firms ranging from start-up companies to VC backed tech ventures and Fortune 500 companies. She has gained an enterprise mindset by serving in many different departments including Operations, Technology, Sales, Marketing and Strategy.

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