"Brain Savvy Change Leadership:

Leading Your Team Through Change with the Brain in Mind"

"Even when change is strategically sound, well planned and orchestrated it will disrupt the organization and distract and destabilize people."

Productivity and performance will dip or plummet. Morale and commitment will drop. These impacts to people and operations cannot be eliminated but they can be reduced, and recovery accelerated through skillful, brain savvy change leadership.

What does brain savvy have to do with skillful change leadership?

Well, the short answer is everything!

If you are a leader and change maker who wants to leverage neuroscience insights to lead change and build organizational change readiness and capability into the DNA of your organization, this is the session for you!

During this presentation, you will discover how to:

  • Effectively communicate and translate change messages
  • Maximize people's engagement and empowerment in the change process
  • Attend to the human side of the change experience (people's core needs, feelings and emotionally charged reactions to change)
  • Influence a positive workplace climate and culture supportive of continuous learning and adaption
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About Lianne Collins

Founder and Coach

The Brain Savvy Advantage

Lianne Collins is a leadership coach, change consultant, webinar and workshop facilitator. She has 20+ years of experience and rich learning from leading organizational change and developing great change leaders and change ready teams in both business and healthcare.

Her career evolved from nursing and clinical education... to the field of organizational development... to leading people and culture change in 2 large academic health science centers... to coaching leaders and change makers, from the front-line to executive level.

Lianne earned an Executive Masters in NeuroLeadership from the NeuroLeadership Institute. She credits the biggest breakthroughs in her coaching and teaching programs to the application of brain science research and brain-based tools and practices that support evidence-based change leadership.

Lianne has created a unique and cutting-edge leader development program - The Brain Savvy Advantage - to transform the way leaders and change makers lead change and lead their teams through change with the brain in mind.

Lianne believes the key to organizational transformation is personal transformation.

Claim Your Ticket Now (While Seats Remain)