"Communicate to the Human Brain:

The Neuroscience of Change Communication"

Cliché phrases such as "Nobody likes change" and "Change is Hard" are prevalent in organizations. Why is change hard for people?

Recent neuroscience research shows that the way the human brain is wired makes it difficult for humans to accept and get excited about change. The brain assumes the worst, craves simplicity, hates ambiguity, and struggles with uncertainty. It also makes us emotional beings.

However, knowing the basic principles of neuroscience, change practitioners can design communication approaches that can speak to, pacify, and positively excite the human brain.

When change practitioners know what they are up against, they can design simple and effective communication interventions as part of their change management strategy to meet the change objectives without disruptive human resistance.

During this presentation, you will discover how to:

  • Create common understanding of basic neuroscience principles and their effect on change acceptance
  • Understand the role of amygdala, basal ganglia, prefrontal cortext, and ventromedial prefrontal cortex as well as the role of neurochemical oxytocin
  • Identify 3-5 communication techniques that speak to the needs of the human brain, and discuss their application in real-life projects
  • Learn from the others in the room. What other techniques has the group used to win over the human brain? Learn and share in context
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About Ksenia Bitter

Organizational Change Manager

Vivint Solar

As an immigrant to the United States from Eastern Europe, Ksenia Bitter knows how hard change can be on a human being.

After going through major changes in her life, she became passionate about helping individuals and organizations to adapt to and thrive in constantly changing environment caused by technology disruption, digital and business transformations, mergers and acquisitions, and external environmental factors.

Ksenia is currently leading organizational change management on an ERP system implementation for a solar energy company across 21 states.

She is a founder of Change One Consulting. She is also leading a talented team of change professionals as they are forming the Utah Chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals.

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