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Presentation Title: Leading Change in the Distributed Workplace

The future of work is now.

Leading and influencing change in today’s distributed, tech-driven workplace requires not just new skills and competencies, but a new approach to change management.

Before the pandemic, 99% of organizations required more than 80% of work to be done onsite (McKinsey, 2021).

In-person interaction was the standard and hierarchical organizational structures the norm.

Today, nearly 75% of remote-capable employees work hybrid or full-time from home.

Organizational structures have become flatter as the use of digital communication and collaboration tools has skyrocketed.

The use of positional power and authority to drive change (for example) is no longer effective as employees adapt and embrace internal structures built for work and flexibility vs. control.

Change leaders and practitioners must adapt too -or risk becoming obsolete in the new reality.

This workshop will highlight the impact of increased technology use in the workplace, the importance of integrating “power skills” into change management, and best practices for effective change leadership in the modern, distributed workplace.