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Presentation Title: Case Study – How Digitizing OCM Helped our Leaders Make More Timely Decisions

Presenting with Sonja Botha.

Change managers admirably strive to build trust, inspire participation, and foster collective sense-making among our stakeholders.

But to enable organizations to compete in the digital age, we change managers must think bigger.

We must implement systems that enable our organizations to thrive in the digital age, supporting continual, large-scale, ongoing change.

We must embrace new, digitized ways of working.

In this interactive, future-focused session, you’ll learn how a digitized change management system reinvented how change management data is captured, analysed, shared and utilized.

We will share the practical example of how Downer, the largest provider of services to asset owners in New Zealand with over 10,000 employees, deployed such a system.

In addition, we will discuss:

  • How a digital platform allowed change managers to be more people-focused and allow leaders to understand their change slate and access the right information needed to make the right strategic decisions.
  • The challenge of leading change managers through change
  • The benefits of using a digital platform at an enterprise level
  • How a digital platform supports project teams
  • Future directions for digital platforms for change
  • Advice for change leads considering deploying digital platforms

Finally, we will discuss the opportunity that digitization of change management represents to change leaders, allowing them to boost their influence and demonstrate the value of their efforts.