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Presentation Title: Making Change Irresistible: How to Create Resilient, Opportunistic Leaders Who Welcome Change

Over the past two years, it feels like our organizations have learned a lot about change.

They stepped up and made radical change at a critical time.

However, people are experiencing burn out, mental health challenges and are wondering when it will all ‘go back to normal.’

Change will always be what’s normal.

This highly interactive presentation will help change practitioners work with their teams and organization leaders to make change something that is welcomed rather than dreaded.

We’ll discuss how to change how we position change, how people respond to change and the role of inclusion to drive more opportunities to embrace change.

Learning Objectives / Takeaways for Participants:

  • How to create the irresistible invitation to come along and inspire your people for change
  • 4 inclusion strategies to drive better results from change
  • 3 proven methods to build resilience and keep your people from burning out