"Change Management as a Career Calling"

There are two aspects to how most change management practitioners relate to the profession.

One concerns the length of time they see themselves engaging in this kind of work; the other deals with the mindsets they apply when fulfilling their role.

They can view themselves as involved in part-time duties, short-term assignments, full-time employment, or a lifelong career.

Regardless of the duration, they can approach change management as employment (it’s a job with deliverables to create and tasks to complete, etc.) or as a calling (the work is compelling in a deeply personal way).

Daryl’s talk will explore the implications for practitioners who are curious about (or have already recognized) change management as their career choice and calling.

Daryl will be addressing three questions:

  • What does it mean for this profession to be a career calling-how do you know it's right for you?
  • What are the requirements - what are you signing up for?
  • What are the ongoing responsibilities — what comes with the territory that you can never stop attending to?
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About Daryl Conner

Founder of Conner Partners

and Conner Academy

Daryl Conner is an internationally recognized leader in organizational change and serves as an advisor and mentor to senior executives around the globe.

For over 40 years, Daryl has worked with many of the most successful organizations in the world, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and nonprofit institutions, to help them achieve the full intent of their most urgent and critically important initiatives.

His work is built on a strong foundation of research, extensive consulting experience, a master’s degree in psychology, and a deep spiritual focus.

He has authored two books—Managing at the Speed of Change (Random House, 1993) and Leading at the Edge of Chaos (John Wiley & Sons, 1998) -- and more than 250 publications, including journal and magazine articles, monographs, book chapters, and videos.

Daryl also holds a faculty position on the Masters of Organizational Leadership program (MAOL) at the Center for Leadership Studies.

In 2007, Daryl and the firm were honored with the International Spirit at Work award, which is given annually to companies that exemplify a deep commitment to nurturing the human spirit.

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