"How to Accelerate Culture Change

with P.E.R.K."

With the war on talent and the focus on culture as an advantage, creating a great culture is vital to a company’s success. Yet, studies show that 55 to 80% of CEOs don’t know how to affect culture change.

As this market heats up and the need to shift cultures heightens, companies will be searching for experts to lead the charge. That’s where you come in.

A change consultant can accelerate the rate of culture change by learning how to use the acronym “PERK” or Passion, Engagement, Resilience and Kindness.

It not only helps create an amazing culture, studies have proven it helps increase the bottom line too.

During this presentation, you will discover:

  • PERK: Understanding the behavioral science behind the methodology - studies and data proving the impact of PERK operationally, financially and culturally
  • TOOLS: Great tools to implement at a client for each piece of PERK - passion tool, engagement tool, resilience tool, and kindness tool
  • THE GOLDEN CIRCLE: Learn how to communicate to make the changes stick - what employees need to hear, see and feel to get behind any culture change initiative
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About Carla Zilka



Carla Zilka, is a dynamic speaker, consultant and author. Her passion and expertise in business operations, human resources, behavioral science and change management give her the unique skill of solving problems from different vantage points.

Carla has been working with and improving and corporate businesses since 1997 and now speaks, consults, and teaches at companies and events who want to learn her methodologies for accelerating change in their business and culture.

Her books, "Business Restructuring: An Action Template for Reducing Cost and Increasing Profit", and "The Happiness Process" focus on the strategy, tools and knowledge needed to make significant change. Her third book, due out in winter 2019 called, "The Culture Revolution", shares insights into how CEOs can use culture as a competitive advantage to win the war on talent and customers.

Carla is certified in Change Management, Facilitation, Performance Management and Succession, Project Management, Negotiations, Influencing, Presentations, Keirsey Temperament Sorter and is certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Carla has served on multiple boards including Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, Hudson Clean Energy Council, American Humane Association and currently on Robert F. Kennedy’s Waterkeeper Alliance, where she is the chair of the strategy committee, and acts as an active board member helping the leadership solve business and cultural problems.

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