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Presentation Title: Case Study – How a Credit Union Built Enterprise-Wide Change Capability and Grew Stronger through Crisis Culturally and Financially

Presenting with Barbara Trautlein and Darlyne Keller.

As our gut-wrenching experience with recent crises demonstrates, the capability to lead through crisis and change is mission critical.

We have many tools to “cope with change” (including build resilience, deal with stress, etc.) as well as to “manage change” (change/project management models/toolkits, etc.) – but we have a dearth of actionable approaches to help people learn to “lead” change.

Rock Valley Credit Union closed that gap by building change leadership capabilities from the frontline tellers to the executive team, and the Board of Directors as well.

This journey began when the new CEO (who is one of the session’s co-presenters) embarked on a radical new strategic vision, which was initially met with resistance.

The senior HR executive (also a session co-presenter) strategically partnered with the new CEO to design a learning journey, coaching and developing all key stakeholders over an 18-month period to design, execute, and own the strategic plan.

When COVID-19 hit, this enabling foundation equipped RVCU to seamlessly serve members and emerge stronger culturally and financially than before.

Learning Objectives/Takeaways for Participants: 

  1. Discover how to equip organizations you serve to lead through change and crisis by fostering meaningful engagement with stakeholders up (executives and board), down (frontline staff), across (cross-functional groups), and outside (customers).
  2. Build your own change leadership capability by diagnosing and learning how to develop your own Change Intelligence®/CQ® (including strengths, struggles, and developmental tactics), discover how to coach others to develop their CQ®, and identify how to assess and enhance your organization’s approach to building change leadership capability.
  3. Learn how to leverage “resistance” as a powerful source of information to build relationships that get results, using real-life change challenges ranging from facility closures, to new technologies, to crisis response, as “pop-up learning labs” to build capability real-time on-the-job.
  4. Explore how to design and deliver a learning journey to truly “lead” (versus merely “manage” or reactively “cope with”) change, by engaging the Heart, enlightening the Head, and equipping the Hands, to partner in lockstep with colleagues and lead through this time of massive global crisis as well as to build an enabling foundation to succeed through all the inevitable changes to come.
  5. Emerge as a more competent and confident – and less stressed and frustrated – leader of change, for the benefit of your organization, team, and career.