Change Management Review™ Presents:

The Change Leadership Virtual Summit

May 18th & 25th, 2021
8:30 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern

  • Clarity

    Get the answers you need to succeed as a change management professional.

  • Mastery

    Discover best practices that are driving the change management profession.

  • Relationships

    Meet and network with top change management practitioners and leaders.

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The Change Leadership Virtual Summit is Proudly Sponsored By:

Joining The Change Leadership Virtual Summit Means You Will Discover:

  • Serving as a Trusted Advisor to Senior Leaders

  • Navigating Transformtional Initiatives Within Organizations

  • Breaking Into the "Upper Echelon" as a Change Leader

  • Fostering Collaborative Leadership in Uncertain Times

  • Mastering Year-2021 Critical Leadership Challenges

  • Concepts and Frameworks that Transform Leadership Cultures

  • Conscious Change Leadership that Drives Transformation

  • Best Practice Strategies that Guide Successful Transformation

  • Advanced Change Consulting Approaches and New Skills

  • Understanding the Leaders’ Change Mindset

  • Creating Visions for Executives and Managers to Lead Change

  • Coaching Leaders to Shift Thinking and Behaviors

  • Understanding Actual Change Abilities and Challenges

  • And much, much more!

Claim Your Ticket NowJust $149 USD - 75 Spots Available


As part of the complete Change Leadership Virtual Summit experience, you will enjoy:

  • 1

    Live Facilitated Sessions With Change Management Leaders

    Get hands-on by attending our topic-based sessions, led by top change management leadership experts who set the standards for our industry.

  • 2

    Skill Building Exercises During The Event

    Your actionable insights for change will become more powerful and profound for you with this opportunity to get "hands-on" with the skills after hearing from our presenters.

  • 3

    Interact With The Presenters And Ask Questions

    Through a combination of interactive activities mixed with Q&A sessions, you get the opportunity to ask the presenters your questions about your projects, your challenges, and your opportunities as a change management practitioner and leader!

  • 4

    Facilitated Networking With Fellow Change Management Practitioners And Leaders

    Each day will feature virtual facilitated networking where you can communicate directly with others who, like you, are investing in success. Experience the CMR Factor (Clarity, Mastery, Relationships) firsthand!

  • 5

    Raise Your Value As A Change Practitioner And Leader

    Gaining access means you will be the first to know about the latest in change leadership, especially valuable in these times. This Summit focuses heavily on your relationship with leaders in your organization who you need to sponsor, support, and promote change.

  • 6

    Session Recordings Posted As You Go

    Can't make it to a live session? Rest assured, you won't miss a thing. Replays of the presentations will be posted in your Members' Area shortly after each session so you keep up to speed.

  • 7

    One Year of Access to the Recordings

    You will not miss a thing, even if you cannot be live for every single session. Recordings will be loaded in the same members' area you join when you claim your ticket now.

Once you claim your spot, reserve the following dates and times on your calendar:

  • May 18th & 25th, 2021 (both Tuesdays)
  • 8:30 AM until 1:00 PM (both Eastern time)

Here is the detailed agenda (to view the full-size version as a PDF in a separate tab, click the image below):

Claim Your Ticket NowJust $149 USD - 75 Spots Available

Meet Your Presenters

Change Management Review™ has brought together four internationally-recognized leading experts in Change Leadership, all in one place.

Now, they're in your court to help you avoid weeks and months of frustration about learning what is important in enlisting organizational leaders to champion change management today, especially in these turbulent and uncertain times.

Daryl Conner -- Conner Academy®, presents:

Serving as a Trusted Advisor to Senior Leaders

Daryl R. Conner, Chairman of Conner Academy®, is an internationally recognized leader in organizational change with over 40 years of practice who serves as an advisor and mentor to senior executives around the globe.

Daryl has worked with many of the most successful organizations in the world to help them achieve the full intent of their most urgent and critically important initiatives. A dynamic public speaker, he has addressed thousands of executives in corporate settings, national conferences, and public programs.

Dr. Edward M. Marshall -- Fuqua School of Business, presents:

Transforming Leadership Cultures: Collaborative Leadership in a Time of Uncertainty

Dr. Edward M. Marshall is a pioneer and leader in the field of collaborative leadership, team development, and cultural transformation. In 2016, after 40 years in business, he joined the faculty of the Fuqua School of Business and the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University.

He has authored two Knight-Ridder best-selling business books, Transforming the Way We Work: The Power of the Collaborative Workplace, and Building Trust at the Speed of Change, and is a contributing author to four other books on trust and culture change.

Linda Ackerman Anderson, Ed.D. -- Being First®, presents:

Conscious Change Leadership: 10 Strategies to Drive Successful Transformation

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson, Co-Founder of Being First, Inc., specializes in facilitating transformational change in Fortune 1000 businesses, governments, the military, and large nonprofit organizations. She brings 35+ years of experience to her work in leading Conscious Transformation.

Linda assists leaders to sort through the chaos of transformation, develop change processes that produce extraordinary business outcomes, transform organizational mindset and culture, and personally model the changes they seek to create.

Edith Onderick-Harvey -- NextBridge Consulting, presents:

The Leaders’ Change Mindset: What’s Getting in the Way

Like you, leadership and change expert Edith Onderick-Harvey knows that our work lives are complex and rapidly changing. She works with clients who have two things in common – rapid growth and change curves that require a partner who can help them bridge today’s challenges and get ready for what’s next.

As author of Getting Real: Strategies for Leadership in Today’s Innovation Hungry, Time-Strapped, Multi-Tasking World of Work, Edith’s insights have been featured in Fast Company, The New York Times,, HR Executive, Yahoo Finance, CLO Media, and other media outlets.

Your Change Leadership Virtual Summit Host:

Theresa Moulton, Editor-In-Chief, Change Management Review™

Theresa Moulton, Editor-In-Chief of Change Management Review™, has built her 20-year career in management consulting with specialties in organizational change strategy, executive coaching, and change management implementation.

She brings practical insight to the real-world challenges and opportunities of working with and within business change, and has been a guest lecturer and speaker at the IBM Center for Business Value, Babson College, the Organization Design Forum, NICSA, NEHRA, SHRM, and CFO Magazine.

Claim Your Ticket NowJust $149 USD - 75 Spots Available


One of the top questions we've been hearing is:

"Why is The Change Leadership Virtual Summit important to change management professionals, like you, today?"

Even in normal times, our profession is fragmented and formalizing at different rates across the globe.

With organizational leaders, themselves, dealing with unprecedented circumstances, they are aware of the need for change - and needing guidance knowing how to effectively lead and champion change in a way that moves the organization forward in uncharted waters.

As a result, there is confusion about how to work with leaders, especially when we have reached the proverbial fork in the road as we continue to attempt to identify the "new normal" and create a realistic AND optimistic vision for the future.

As we begin to (hopefully) find our way past a pandemic and into a world that has changed forever, following a clear and meaningful path takes on new importance and urgency.

Aside from formal certification training, there really isn’t a tangible mode to learn more about what is going on and what works unless one attends a conference or an in-person seminar.

The Change Leadership Virtual Summit is an inexpensive means for change management professionals to learn, grow, and understand the business world around them from the perspective of the well-known experts and senior change management practitioners you will meet when you join us on May 18th and 25th.

Claim Your Ticket NowJust $149 USD - 75 Spots Available


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Claim Your Ticket NowJust $149 USD - 75 Spots Available

"Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily; even if you had no title or position."

Brian Tracy